Google AdSense income December 2017

2017 is over. My goal was to make 1000 EUR a month on Google AdSense by the end of 2017, didn’t make it. What did i make in December 2017?


I will come up with a more detailed post about 2017 and what my plans are for 2018. The fact that I didn’t make 1000 EUR a month is bothering me, but I know it is 100% my own fault.

2018 will be the year I am going to make 1000 EUR a month on adsense or affiliate marketing (combined). I just bought a new domain as well for 250 EUR, more about that later.

Happy 2018!!

Google AdSense income November 2017

Google AdSense income for November 2017;


Traffic went down and I barely made 300 EUR this month. This month is the slowest month of 2017. Still a nice passive monthly income stream as I didn’t work on my sites at all.

New travel site

I am working on a new travel site without AdSense. I am working with affiliates to sell trips & flight tickets. So far I made two sales (well, I was part of the funnel) and made €7,70 with that. I didn’t do any promotion / marketing yet, so this has potential. Will do a post about it later.

Google AdSense income September 2017

September went by fast. I finally got time to create a website on a domain i bought last year. It’s an exact match domain for London. My aim is on the travel niche so I will continue creating sites in that area. The London site is coming along nice and soon it will be ready for marketing. I bought the domain for €300,- and the search volume for the term is around 8,000 times a month.

Now, Google AdSense earnings for September;


Not bad. The two months before were both record breaking months with both over €500,-. I was expecting in the €300 for this month because holiday season is over. But still over €400,- in passive income, which is good enough!

Focus for this month is on the London site. I hope it will be ready for marketing upcoming week. Also working on a cruise site which is still in development. More about that later 🙂


I talked about bitcoin in January hitting over $1000. Today Bitcoin is at $4000+ and it looks like it will continue to rise. I did some trades and still hold a small portion. What do you think of Bitcoin? Let me know in the comments.

Google AdSense income July 2017 – New highs!

The Nomar - Income Report

My main site is in the travel niche so I knew this month could be a good one. Traffic on the site went up with the highest day hitting 2,111 visitors (total visitors in July; 47,144).

The Money

AdSense is still the sole income stream on the site. I did get an email from a company wanting me to create a page for their service on a CPA (Cost per Action) structure. I’m not sure if I am going to do this yet… Maybe I do some testing with it in the upcoming month. Will let you know when I do.

AdSense income July 2017

The title did give it away; I got a new record on AdSense! The start of the month went slow, but in the last two weeks earnings went up. The total amount of money made on AdSense in July 2017;


Highest day – 31 July 2017 – €26,52
Lowest day – 2 July 2017 – €10,98

AdSense income July 2017 - The Nomar

Comparing with last month at €368,64 this is a very nice improvement. I’m very happy earnings went above €500,-! I understand July was a top month. Hopefully this will continue but I don’t get my hopes up too much.


Earnings like this gives me new motivation. I already improved some things on the site and made some interesting new content to it. I am also planning to test affiliate marketing on the site, but I am not sure how to continue with that just yet.

Google AdSense income June 2017

I didn’t work on anything in June. This feels bad to say but its the reality. Damn. The 1000 EUR a month goal at the end of 2017 will be a hard one to crack like this.

Than what did you do? I am looking at charts, charts, charts in the cryptosphere… I know, it is useless, because I am holding a couple of coins which I am no planning to sell for another year. But ok, maybe another post on them later.

Plans for July?

Yes, I have plans to expand my travel site that is generating most of my income on AdSense. Plan is to put a job page on it with job offers. I noticed some interest on that and some people are asking me to link to their travel job offers page (I am not doing that ofcourse). I will have to dig into it and see if its useful to add.

But now, the Google AdSense income for June 2017;


Highest day – 26 June 2017 – €21,33
Lowest day – 11 June 2017 – €6,03

Not much of a difference compared to May.

Auto pilot

It looks like this site is running on auto pilot. I didn’t work on it the whole month and it brought in about the same as last month. Ofcourse the site needs work, if I am neglecting it another few months I am sure it will go down in rankings. But for now, this auto income of 300 EUR plus a month is a very nice addition to my normal income.

Google AdSense income May

Adsense revenue increased a little bit in May. Traffic went a bit up as well. Guess its travel season again 🙂

Google AdSense income for May;


Highest day – 25 may 2017 – €22,04
Lowest day – 14 may 2017 – €5,71

Adsense income May

I got a mail from Google support that I had to install a cookie notice. If I didn’t they would block Adsense for my main site. Just got around finishing it and hope it will be approved 🙂

Google AdSense income April

AdSense earnings were stable compared with last month. Google AdSense income for April;


Highest day – 22 apr 2017 – €19,30
Lowest day – 13 apr 2017 – €4,26

AdSense income April

Things are not moving the way I planned. My original goal was to make €1000 a month by the end of 2017 on Google AdSense. At the moment I am working on a new travel site based on affiliate marketing. The site will sell flight tickets, hotels, tickets for sightseeing etc. I got the perfect domain for it. Its an exact match domain which is easy to say out loud and to remember. I mailed the guy who owned it if I could buy it for €300,- and he agreed immediately. Sometimes you got to have some luck 🙂

The main site that is generating money on adsense is still running like it should. I added some new detailed pages few weeks ago which seem to be helping the site. I got plans to add even more pages to keep ahead of competition. More on that later.