Google AdSense income January

First month of 2017 is over. The year has started with a new record in AdSense earnings. I am working on a couple of new sites at the moment and I hope they will start earning in a month or two. If everything goes to plan these should bring in a nice amount of money. The competition looks decent, but beatable. Now, the earnings of January;

Google AdSense income January


Highest day – Fri, 6 Jan. 2017 – €23,89
Lowest day – Tue, 24 Jan. 2017 – €9,64

One year ago I started this blog with the goal to document my online earnings. The money made in my first month (January 2016) was €5. Compared with last January the earnings went up almost 100 times. Gives me more motivation 🙂

So what will bring February? I am guessing no record month. We will see. I try to work on the new sites as much as possible. I plan to update this blog more often as well. Also a design update is on the way. Stay tuned.

2017 goal; €1000 a month from Google AdSense