Sold another domain

Buying and selling domain names is an option to make some extra money online. Although most good domains are already years registered you can snap up quite good names for a few bucks on webmaster forums / marketplaces. Most of the times I buy a domain with an idea to develop. But as you might guess, that idea will soon be collecting dust or i’m not getting the motivation to get things done. I’m working on the motivational thing though, more on that later…

€120 profit with zero work

The domain I bought set me back €140 and I bought it on a domain auction site. There were a couple of other bidders that drove the price a bit up. It was a pretty generic term in the web hosting business and actually was trademarked. The plan was to build a review kind of site about web hosting but I decided to sell it off as I have much more domains and old sites that need my time. I ended up selling it at a webmaster forum for €260.

Yesterday I bought another domain for €50 which has an exact search of 22,000 monthly for the term. It is in the recipe niche and this domain will be developed into a website. More on that later.

If you have any questions or good stories about buying and selling domain names, don’t hesitate to put them in a comment 🙂

Hello Again!

A first post begins with ‘Hello World!’ in WordPress. Not this time… I started blogging like 10 years ago and was done with it after a couple of years. The blog I had was about everything happening online with a focus on the make money online niche. Blogging helped me to stay focussed on my goals. After selling the blog and signing up for corporate life I lost my focus on creating sites and making money online. Why would I? I get paid every month and it is enough to live on.

The Quest;

What happened? Why start blogging again? Well… to make more money! I got new motivation and life is too short to fool around and working a 9-5 job till you are 70 (ouch). The actual last push that made me getting back tot the make money online scene are these two images of;

a 90 year human life in years

a 90 year human life in months

At this point i’m 30 years old, that means one third is already gone… No time to waste! My goal is to make enough money online to quit my job and do whatever I want. The plan is to share everything with you! If I make money online I will blog about it and will tell you what I did to get there. I know the online world has changed a lot in the last few years, but I am sure there is still a lot of money to be made!

If you want to know more about me, check the about page or ask me in the comments.