Google AdSense income July 2017 – New highs!

The Nomar - Income Report

My main site is in the travel niche so I knew this month could be a good one. Traffic on the site went up with the highest day hitting 2,111 visitors (total visitors in July; 47,144).

The Money

AdSense is still the sole income stream on the site. I did get an email from a company wanting me to create a page for their service on a CPA (Cost per Action) structure. I’m not sure if I am going to do this yet… Maybe I do some testing with it in the upcoming month. Will let you know when I do.

AdSense income July 2017

The title did give it away; I got a new record on AdSense! The start of the month went slow, but in the last two weeks earnings went up. The total amount of money made on AdSense in July 2017;


Highest day – 31 July 2017 – €26,52
Lowest day – 2 July 2017 – €10,98

AdSense income July 2017 - The Nomar

Comparing with last month at €368,64 this is a very nice improvement. I’m very happy earnings went above €500,-! I understand July was a top month. Hopefully this will continue but I don’t get my hopes up too much.


Earnings like this gives me new motivation. I already improved some things on the site and made some interesting new content to it. I am also planning to test affiliate marketing on the site, but I am not sure how to continue with that just yet.

Google AdSense income May

Adsense revenue increased a little bit in May. Traffic went a bit up as well. Guess its travel season again 🙂

Google AdSense income for May;


Highest day – 25 may 2017 – €22,04
Lowest day – 14 may 2017 – €5,71

Adsense income May

I got a mail from Google support that I had to install a cookie notice. If I didn’t they would block Adsense for my main site. Just got around finishing it and hope it will be approved 🙂

Google AdSense income August

August is over. Probably one of the busiest months in the travel niche. The earnings on my number one travel site were high. I broke a record this year and had the highest paying month in Google AdSense so far.

Google AdSense income August


That is an average of €10 a day on AdSense. Check below screen. You can see the start of August was very good. The last weeks of August it went downhill. I need to come up with other sites to make my goal of €500 a month. September earnings will be between 100 / 200 I guess…


Highest day; €23,87
Lowest day; €4,60 (31 of August)

Google AdSense Income May

June is here! This means I got an income report to share with you. In April I made a bit of €20,- which was a great improvement of the month before (March). The Google AdSense income from May were even better. I was aiming to at least €30,- but it got much better then that!

Google AdSense May Income;


Yes, thats right. After the €20,- month, income shot to over €50,- in May. I am happy with the growth last month. One of my sites that was picking up rankings did very well. It made 28,76 in May alone and I am not yet into top 5 in Google for my main keyword.


I am focussing on the site that is making me the most money on AdSense right now. I found out one guy owns the top 3 sites in google for the main keyword I am trying to rank for. So the top traffic is pretty much controlled by 1 guy. It is not the only site I am working on though. This site made about half of May’s income, so I will keep working on my other sites as well.

More updates are coming soon

Google AdSense income February

€5,27 for the month of February. Damn, its barely nothing and almost exact the same as the €5 income from January… One month to go to set up AdSense to break the €100,- month in April. Looks like i’m never going to make that but I won’t give up.

I have to admit I didn’t work good in February. The last 2 weeks were pretty silent in my AdSense quest. I did start some other projects though, but damn…

No excuses, failing to get €100,- on AdSense in April would suck big time!
Back to work!