Putting in hours

Just checked one of my servers to see what my old sites were doing apart from collecting dust. I remember starting a creditcard website in late 2014 and it still gets some traffic. It’s not much but around 800 uniques generating 1,500 pageviews. 82% of that is organic traffic (stats from last 30 days).

Fresh content

To check if this site is worth it to work on again I started to make a couple of posts in the last week. I did some research on semi popular word phrases on the google keyword tool and put up some unique posts about it. One of the posts ended up at #11 in google.nl (It’s a dutch creditcard site). That shows me it’s not that bad and i’m thinking of working on it again and putting in more hours on this website.

Started a new website

In my last post about selling another domain I mentioned I also bought another domain for €50. A generic term with an exact search volume of 22,000 monthly. I checked google and the top 10 results were all deeplinks, which shows me there is not THAT much competition. Just got a WordPress site installed on it and I will publish a new article this afternoon to get it ranked. Not sure which way to go with this site as it is in the recipe niche and I never had a site in this niche before. At least i’ll make sure I get top-notch images on it which seems important in the recipe niche.

I’ll keep you guys updated on both the creditcard site as the recipe site. Also got other plans for a new site in mind but more about that later!